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Year 4

Welcome Year 4

Hello Kestrels! Welcome to our class webpage. Scroll down to find your homework and useful links for year 4.

This will also be a space where we will share our amazing work – keep an eye out and see if you can spot yours.

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During the first half term we will be revisiting place value and calculation. We will focus on learning all our times tables in our maths lessons and will recap addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with an aim to work more abstractly. Whilst recapping the key areas, we will be progressing to learn about negative numbers, numbers past 1000, and decimals.

Later in the term, we will be applying these key skills, solving measurement problems.


We will be reading Georges Marvellous Medicine this half term. Our English will also be focused on the magical book Leon and the Place Between. We will be developing our descriptive language, using fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. During these lessons we will be exploring poetry and will write and perform our own spectacular poems. Later in the term we will be writing a newspaper article and story based on this story.


In Science this term we will be exploring states of matter. We will explore solids, liquids and gases taking part in fun experiments to observe what happens when materials change state. Later we will explore the water cycle. Throughout the term, we will develop our Scientific enquiry skills.

Science gallery

Last term we explored the digestion system. We began by creating our own model digestive system. We then explored what happened to food at each stage of the digestive system, creating our own waste! During our tooth experiment, we were amazed by the effects some liquids have on the enamel of our teeth. Luckily, we found that toothpaste does successfully protect our teeth from some of the nasty reactions seen without it! See the pictures for our fun experiments and activities below.

Our class reading books

Our class texts for this half term is as follows:

  • Bill’s New Frock
  • Georges Marvellous Medicine
  • Leon and the place between
  • The storm

Spelling practice

There is a good resource for spelling practice. Use these activities/ games along with the weekly spellings set in homework and the statutory year 3/4 spellings attached below.

t-l-959 Spelling challenge activity ver_1

Useful sites

BBC Bitesize

Recommended reads for Year 4

Bacton Behaviours!

At Bacton, we have 6 behaviours we try our hardest to follow and show whilst we are at school, they are:

Be kind, honest and helpful
Always make good choices
Co-operate with others
Try your best
Organise yourself and be ready to learn
Nurture your curiosity


How we teach the 4 operations in maths

Calculation Policy Year 4

Questions to ask your child while they are reading to develop their reading skills

Reading questions