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Year 4

Kestrel Class

Welcome Year 4

Hello Kestrels! Welcome to our class team page. Scroll down to find the termly newsletter and also some helpful links and top tips to help you find your learning wings to fly! 

We are a very friendly team in year 4, so if you ever have any questions, please just ask.
Miss Freeman 

Miss Freeman
Miss Freeman
Mrs Sadler

Top Tips and useful links:

Times Tables

Fluency in times tables is vital in improving many areas of the maths curriculum. Children are encouraged to practice their times tables knowledge using Times Tables Rock Stars. The more the children play on here, the easier they will find all areas of maths in year 4 and beyond. 

Times Tables Rockstars


Each week, we have a new spelling rule that we learn in class and then this is tested on Spelling Shed every Thursday. In order to help with spellings, children are encouraged to practise little and often on Spelling Shed.  There is a strong correlation between being a good speller and a fantastic writer and I know that within our class there are many aspiring authors, so practise, practise, practise!

Spelling Shed – Spelling Shed – Spelling made awesomer!


Try to read as much as possible at home.  This can be reading to a family member or being read to before bed.  Increasing the amount of time spent reading, talking about and exploring illustrations in books will increase vocabulary and have a great impact on the rest of the children’s education. 

Free Audio Books are available here:


Recommended books for year 4 can be found here: 

Books for Year 4. Great Reads for 8-Year-Olds (schoolreadinglist.co.uk)
Best Books for Year 4 | Y4 Reading List | BooksForTopics

Bacton Behaviours!

At Bacton, we have 6 behaviours we try our hardest to follow and show whilst we are at school, they are:

Be kind, honest and helpful
Always make good choices
Co-operate with others
Try your best
Organise yourself and be ready to learn
Nurture your curiosity