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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 information page.

Hello Owls.

Mrs Kenvin and I have really enjoyed this half term, you have wowed us with your enthusiasm , stamina and hard work right to the very last day. Have a really good rest and enjoy time with your families. I have put the fantastic video of ‘Twas the night’ on here, it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

I have put some homework tasks on in preparation for next half term, there is no obligation to do the topic ones but I would really like you to keep practising your maths. Pop onto Topmarks for the quick fire games we do, the link is below and I will be keeping an eye to see who is logging onto Mathletics. I will have also put the link for the Guardians of Maths that we play as well. Finally, try and read a little bit over the holidays, even if it if instructions about how to play a new game or put something together it all helps.

Have a lovely Christmas and we will see you on January 5th.

Mrs Emms and Mrs Kenvin.

Mrs Emms
Mrs Kenvin
Mrs Kenvin

2021 Home Learning Packs

Here’s your Class Homework

Twas the night before…


The following website contains a suggested reading list for Year 5 children.

Suggested reading list for year 5 pupils ks2 age 9-10

Child Reading Free content , The children learn together, children ...

See if you already have any of these books at home and try them out or maybe you could find some of them to buy online or listen to as audio books in places like ww.youtube.co.uk or Audible stories.audible.com (their children’s books are free for a month).


In Year 5 we place a lot of importance in learning our spellings. There is a strong correlation between being a good speller and being good at writing.

We have uploaded all the weekly spellings that we have covered in Year 5 so far, so you can revise the words your child still finds tricky. There is also documents with ideas of how to learn your spellings and examples of activities you can do to improve your spelling.

How to learn my spellings

Statutory spellings year 5 and 6 word mat

Y5 and Y6 Statutory Spelling Words activity mat pack 4

Y3 and Y4 common exception words word mat

Times Tables

Fluency in times tables is vital in improving a lot of our maths skills. We would like the children to continue to practise their times tables knowledge. You can use a number of games, activities and even apps to help us with this task.

Please, use the links below to help your child practise their times tables at home:





Race around times table

Pixl Times Tables

Speed Tables Sheet

How we teach maths in Year 5

Calculation Policy Display Year 5-1