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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Hello everyone, Welcome to Year 6. We are delighted to have you all back in school and to be getting on with our school work once again.

Look out for useful information, suggestions and tips posted here and let us know if you can think of anything that we could add to this page that would help you and your classmates with your school tasks. A copy of your weekly homework sheet will also be available to find below.

Mrs Daniels
Mrs Daniels.
Class Teacher
Mrs Woodward
Miss Woodward.
Teaching Assistant.

2021 Homework

In Science this half term we have been learning about electricity. We planned, carried out and concluded an investigation on how the length of a wire impacts the brightness of a bulb or the volume of a buzzer. The children all enjoyed carrying out the experiment and came up with some brilliant conclusions. 

To celebrate national skipping day, Year 6 counted how many skips they could do in 15 minutes. The children put in an excellent effort and managed a total of over 8,000 skips as a class. 

Useful websites


Please find below the exemplification materials for the Expected and Greater Depth writing standard:

2018 Exemplification materials ks2-gds__frankie_

2018 Exemplification materials ks2-exs__leigh_


Try to read as much as possible. 30 minutes per day is highly recommended.

Free Audio Books are available here:


100 Books to Read By the End of Year 6

Year 6 have a challenge to read as many books from this list by the end of Year 6. You can see all of them listed in the documents below.