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SMSC in History

Spiritual Development

History gives children numerous opportunities to develop their sense of curiosity and it involves a sense of mystery of how and why events in the past happened. Children are encouraged to reflect upon the values and beliefs of different historical eras and societies and compare them to their own. Children also have chances to develop spiritually by exploring the role played by important individuals – for good and for ill – in the shaping of the world we live in.

Moral Development

The study of history involves the consideration of a plethora of moral issues. Events and beliefs of the past provide opportunities for moral discussion and reflection. Was the justice system of the Victorians fair or too harsh? Should we demolish the remains of the WWII concentration camps? Through the study of decisions of the past and the reasoning behind those decisions, children develop their sense of empathy and morality.

Social Development

Unequivocally, exploring past and present societies promotes children’s sense of social identity and belonging. History allows children to examine how other societies have had an impact on the development of ‘British’ culture and the society we know and live in today. Through understanding history, children can place themselves in a wider social entity and become keener in influencing the future in a positive way.

Cultural Development

By studying the cultural identities and systems of the past, children develop a better understanding of the multicultural society we live in today. Children can explore cultural values such as generosity, sacrifice and tolerance by examining events and people of the past and by determining their contribution to our modern life. A good grasp of history and social changes helps children empathise with people of different cultural backgrounds and become better citizens today and in the future.