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At Bacton Primary School we aim for children to competently use maths in every-day life.  To be able to think mathematically, creatively, logically and ultimately think in abstract ways that has benefits beyond maths to ensure they have the best chance of being successful in Maths in their future.   

We deliver the key aims of the National Curriculum providing children with the opportunities to problem solve, reason and enhance their mathematical fluency by developing depth of understanding through use of CPA approach. Ensuring our classrooms have a culture of enquiry and experiment and embracing mistakes as a way of deepening understanding.  Within our classrooms we allow children to develop their thinking and logic, and to work independently and flexibly, to discover pattern and relationships.  Speaking is valued within maths and we ensure correct terminology is used across the whole school.  Children progress through the curriculum and interventions are put in place early on to minimise any gaps in the children’s knowledge and understanding.   

At Bacton Primary School, Maths provides children with the opportunity to develop:  

  • Independence 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Resilience 
  • Risk Taking 

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