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Maths at Bacton

At Bacton Primary School, maths is underpinned by maths mastery which allows children to explore and embed concepts through a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach and deepen their understanding through the opportunities to reason, problem solve and apply their skills. We understand that the language of maths is an important aspect of learning and we promote this in many ways. We encourage the children to be autonomous learners, where they are suitably supported and challenged and ensure opportunities for them to make links in their learning to ensure relevance and understanding.

JMAT Maths


In JMAT schools, we want all Maths learners to: 

  • Aim high and experience success;
  • Appreciate the influence of great mathematicians;
  • Understand the importance of maths in a complex and changing world;
  • Recognise and transfer mathematical skills;
  • Develop confidence, independence and enjoyment through conceptual understanding.


Underpinning Principles

The principles which underpin JMAT Maths:

1.Collective responsibility (EYFS to Year 6+);

2.National curriculum coverage for each year group;

3.Protected curriculum time and explicit planning across all subjects;

4.Ongoing assessment for, and assessment of, learning (PiXL);

5.A spiral approach to facilitate acquisition, consolidation and progression;

6.The front-loading of number and the four operations;

7.Strand variety and cross-strand links;

8.The interweaving  of problem solving and reasoning across all topics in addition to discrete opportunities;

9.The use of CPA for mastery;

10.Use of the seasons, the natural environment and significant events to enhance creative learning.

Progression in Maths

Place Value ProgressionAddition and Subtraction ProgressionMultiplication and Division ProgressionFractions ProgressionRatio and Proportion ProgressionAlgebra ProgressionMeasurement ProgressionGeometry-Properties of shapes ProgressionGeometry- Position and direction ProgressionStatistics Progression

Maths Long term Plans

KS1 LTP 2019 2020.pubLKS2 LTP.pubUKS2 LTP.pub