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Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education at Bacton CP school is far more than simply learning about the major world religions. We encourage children to express and develop their own feelings of compassion, humanity, respect and care for all others regardless of religious denomination. We attach great importance to children’s personal, emotional and spiritual development as we strongly believe that children need to be able to appreciate the awe and wonder of the world in which we live in order to lead a fulfilled and happy life.  

Bacton CP School adheres to the agreed syllabus for Suffolk and the majority of our teaching about religion is thematic and reflects the multicultural nature of our country and of the wider world.

Bacton CP School is not affiliated to a particular religious denomination; however we have established good links with all of the local churches, and their leaders, who regularly come in to school to talk to the children and to take assemblies.

We respect the right of parents to withdraw their child from all part of religious worship. If you wish to withdraw your child please speak to the Headteacher to discuss arrangements.