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Role of the Local Improvement Board

The John Milton Academy Trust has Local Improvement Boards at all schools in order to stay rooted within the local communities and provide the necessary support and challenge at a local level.

Local Improvement Boards support school leaders to make accelerated progress. They also ensure that the resources of the school, and the support and challenge being provided by the Trust, are used effectively and have a positive impact.

Full NameCategoryDate of ApptEnd of Term officeRoles and ResponsibilitiesPecuniary Interests
Sarah KingAppointed1-Sep-22 Head of School
Anne GardnerChair1-Sep-2031-Aug-21ChairNone
Dave BrewsterAppointed1-Sept-2031-Aug-21Headteacher at Stowupland High School
Karen GrimesCEO 1-Sep-2031-Aug-21CEO of the Trust
Sharon JonesAppointed1-Sep-2031-Aug-21Board Member of Mendlesham Primary School
Tessa SaitHeadteacher 1-Sep-20ongoing
Andrew StringerAppointed1-Sep-2031-Aug-20County Councillor and District Councillor

Local Board attendance at meetings: